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Energy Healing Techniques You Should Be Familiar With

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You’ve likely heard of energy healing in the form of Chakra Balancing or Reiki. These ancient practices are becoming more popular in the modern world as people tend to learn more about the body’s natural energy or life force.

Many techniques restore or regulate energy flow within your mind, body, and spirit. All energy healing techniques aim to correct the adverse effects of blocked or misdirected energy.

 If you’re a novice to energy healing, look no further. We’ll give you a rundown of the energy-healing techniques you need to know about today.

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What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing encompasses a variety of therapies that aim to redirect the positive flow of energy in your body. These ancient techniques act as a standalone therapy or a complementary treatment to modern medicine. The impacts of energy healing techniques can promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The theories that promote energy healing point to a disrupted energy flow within the human body. When the electric impulses in the nervous system are unable to flow freely, you may feel drained, tired, sore, or even sick.

Energy healing aims to redirect these electrical impulses healing the body, mind, and soul.

What Are The Benefits of Energy Healing?

If you have an ailment, there’s likely an energy-healing therapy that can help you work through it. While energy healing may not cure all of your problems, it can make navigating them more manageable and reduce symptoms. 

If you have a blockage and the natural flow of energy cannot flow correctly, you may experience physical symptoms ranging from weakness to constipation. Poor energy flow may affect your mental clarity, productivity, and positivity

Energy healing is typically free of adverse side effects.. Many people prefer these techniques over modern medicine because they are effective and leave the patient feeling better. 

There are many natural ways to cure common ailments. The Healing Marketplace can teach you more!

Most Common Energy Healing Techniques

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Energy healing is an umbrella term for several therapies that aim to redirect and release energy in one’s body. Different treatments help different ailments and people depending on their individual needs. Here are some standard energy healing techniques available today.


Reiki is one of the more commonly used techniques to rebalance and restore energy. The Japanese word Reiki (two words combined) means ‘God’s Wisdom’ and ‘Energy.’ The goal Reiki attempts to achieve is a balance of energy and spirituality.

Reiki, combined with modern medicine, is a tool used to cure illnesses. The healer uses different techniques with their hands to push on the body, releasing and redirecting energy. Channeling this life force can cure many short-term ailments, such as the common cold and headaches. But it can also help those afflicted with heart disease.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is quite sensical when you understand how vibrations affect energy. This therapy uses instruments and noises to promote a relaxed state of mind. This technique can lower anxiety, relieves some ailments, and helps you sleep. Some Healers use sound healing to reduce blood pressure and improve respiratory rates or circulation.

Using Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and instruments like gongs, Healers create sonic vibrations to interact with the vibrations in the body.

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Acupuncture comes from Ancient China and balances one’s Chi (chee), also known as qi. Using thin Acupuncture needles, a healer targets points in the body (pathways or meridians) that create energy. Although needles are standard practice in Acupuncture, many people state they feel little to no pain during the procedure.

This healing technique is popular due to its effectiveness and ability to treat several problems. Acupuncture can relieve pain, alleviate addiction, rid headaches, and menstrual cramps, and reduce Asthma symptoms.

Although Acupuncture is an ancient medicine, those seeking this therapy should consult with their physicians before scheduling a session.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a technique that focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself. People around the globe partake in Pranic healing for many reasons. Unlike other approaches, Pranic healing requires no touching or physical manipulation of the body. Healers transfer universal energy, called Prana, to the patient. Prana, the life force, varies with the ailment, and frequencies for specific afflictions cure the patient.

The idea that the body can heal without medical intervention is intriguing. Ailments cured by this technique range from headaches and the flu to ulcers and Multiple Sclerosis. 

EFT Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), called Tapping, is psychological Acupuncture. Instead of needles, the Healer taps on meridian points. Meridian points are energy pathways that create and release energy.

The effects of EFT range from person-to-person, but more commonly, the technique can treat PTSD, weight loss or gain, and chronic pain. Like other energy healing techniques, EFT aims to redirect the flow of energy in a patient to alleviate mental and physical health problems.

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How To Find A Practitioner of Energy Healing

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Healers are typically experts in the field of energy healing. Energy healing is a complex system of redirecting and releasing the flow of energy in the body, curing various diseases and afflictions. Trained Healers perform these therapies after years of study and practice.

Before searching for a Healer, you may want to narrow down which techniques best suit your needs. You can ask friends, family, and trusted medical community members for references. A quick internet search will pull up energy healers in your area, read reviews or make a few phone calls to find one who makes you feel comfortable.

Enhance Your Well-Being With Energy Healing

Energy healing is nothing new. The body is home to electrical impulses, and when that energy becomes trapped, misdirected, or clogged, you may feel pain, depression, or out of sorts. Fortunately, many energy-healing techniques can help.

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