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Top 7 Habits of Happy People

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It’s difficult to define an experience as subjective as happiness. What brings one person happiness may bring another person fear, and vice versa. However, psychology researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky phrased the definition of happiness nicely in her book, The How of Happiness.

Sonja Lyubomirsky described happiness in her award-winning book as “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.”

We think this is an accurate and concise way of expressing what happiness means. A positive feeling of well-being combined with the sense that your life is moving in a positive and meaningful direction uniquely describes the sense of peace most people associate with being happy.

Happiness may not be your expressed goal, but it’s often the root of why we make the choices we do. We make choices to try to better our lives and ourselves, so we’ll be happy. Developing the right habits can help you attain happiness, so check out these top seven habits of happy people. 

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#1 Surround Yourself With Positivity

The more positivity you have in your life, the more you’ll feel ensconced in a bubble of happiness. As Marie Kondo said in her incredibly popular book, “The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up,” if something doesn’t bring you joy, it doesn’t need to be in your life.


Now, we’re not saying to take the Marie Kondo approach literally here and throw away the people who don’t bring you joy in your life. However, it might be time to reevaluate these relationships if you feel anxious or stressed out every time you communicate with a specific person or friend group.

Focus your time on forging connections with people who encourage the best in you and vice versa. Don’t waste time on a relationship that brings you down. Instead, look for people who will build you up and help you achieve a state of happiness that can weather even the roughest storms in life.


You should apply this same theory to work. If you don’t feel your work is fulfilling, meaningful, and taking your life in a positive direction, then it’s time to reevaluate your position.

Constantly reevaluating the people in your personal and work life will help you maintain a positive environment in every aspect of your life.

#2 Take Care of Your Body

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It’s so important to take care of your body. Happy people tend to have healthy habits in their life. When you take proper care of your body, you’ll reap the benefits of having the proper hormonal balance and energy levels. 

Quality Sleep

Many people know it’s important to get several hours of sleep a night, but it’s equally important to ensure you get enough quality sleep. Getting quality sleep allows your body to service itself on a molecular level. It regulates your energy levels, cognitive functioning abilities, mental health, and more. 

You can ensure you get quality sleep by limiting distractions and blue light (like your phone screen!) right before bedtime. Also, avoid eating directly before bedtime, so your digestive process doesn’t disrupt your sleep!

Proper Nutrition

Ensuring you’re getting the proper nutrition is essential! Make sure you’re eating mostly protein, fruits, and vegetables with small servings of carbohydrates and healthy fats throughout the day. 

Eat small meals spread throughout the day rather than three large meals at once. Eating smaller meals more frequently leads to better digestion, a healthier metabolism, and fewer cravings for sugary food or drinks. Also, you should consider taking some supplements to help boost your mood.

The Right Amount of Exercise

It can be challenging to fit in proper exercise. Many people work from home or in an office for eight hours a day, then spend their remaining hours taking care of kids, cleaning the home, running errands, and doing other chores. 

However, making time for exercise is vital. Fitting in twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise and weight training each day will keep your body in good health. Regular exercise also releases helpful chemicals in the brain that boost your energy and mood.

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#3 Become More Self-Aware

Happy people tend to be very self-aware. They know who they are as an individual and are very comfortable with expressing and meeting their own needs. Self-aware people also understand how they interact with others and can discern when others have less than positive motivations.

Practicing mindfulness throughout your day is an excellent way to start becoming more self-aware. Mindfulness is a simple practice where you check in with your feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations throughout the day. 

Take note of how you’re feeling mentally and physically and what you think throughout the day. Notice how those feelings and sensations affect how you interact with yourself and others. This will provide you invaluable insight into the innermost working of your mind.

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#4 Limit the Stimulation In Your Day

Too much stimulation can be damaging. Studies show the dangers of becoming addicted to stimulation via the internet, and it’s hard to stay happy when you’re happiness is dependent on your social media feed.

Limit your use of the internet each day, and limit the other sources of stimulation in your life. Quit nicotine if you’re addicted, and limit sugar and caffeine intake. Your body and mood will thank you for it!

#5 Find Hobbies You Love

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Happy people do things that make them happy! Find a hobby that brings you joy and is meaningful. Some common hobbies include reading, writing, art, dance, hiking, nature walks, or bird watching. Once you find something you love, look for a group in person or online so you can share your hobby with others who share your passion.

#6 Make Time For Self-Care

Self-care is a vital component of happy people’s lives. Truly happy people know that they alone are in charge of their happiness and responsible for maintaining that happiness. So, treat yourself every once in a while!

Go out for a spa day, spend time with friends, take a solo hiking trip, or grab a cup of your favorite tea and head out for a day of window shopping. Your mood will drastically improve when you start taking your happiness into your own hands.

#7 Let Go of Things You Can’t Control

This is probably the hardest habit for happy people to master, but it’s necessary. So many people spend years of their lives desperately trying to fix situations out of their control. This could be as serious as battling with a loved one amid addiction or as simple as your neighbor waking you up every morning by mowing their lawn at 5 am. 

Both of these hypothetical situations are outside of your control. Rather than stress about situations like these, it’s best to let them go. Don’t let things you can’t control take away from the happiness in your life. Buy noise-canceling headphones to deal with the inconsiderate neighbor, set boundaries with an addicted loved one, and put your happiness first.

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Learn To Live Your Happiest Life

It isn’t easy to develop habits to live your happiest life, but it can be done. With the right support system and resources, anyone can elevate their lives to feel happy and content. Keep working on yourself, and check back with Healing Marketplace for more great tips!

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