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How To Heal Your Mind, Body, And Soul

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While it may come off as “crunchy” or new-ageish to some, the understanding that a person’s health involves their mind, body, and soul is becoming more widely accepted. The adage “too much stress makes you sick” has been proven to be true more than once, and mind-body health research is proving the importance of treating a person holistically. 

To live life to its fullest, you need to keep up with your physical, mental, and spiritual health. This doesn’t necessarily mean joining an organized religion (although that’s fine, too!), but spiritual health refers more to your sense of self and how you connect to the world around you.

There are no easy ways to undo years of spiritual, emotional, or physical neglect. However, regardless of your age or past, you can commit today to empowering yourself to live your best life. Here’s how to heal your mind, body, and soul.

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Developing your sense of self-awareness is necessary for healing your mind, body, and soul. Self-awareness refers to your sense of identity and how your actions reflect and align with your identity. 

Many people go through life doing things because they feel they have to, not necessarily because they want to or feel. Working a 9-5, paying bills, and maintaining a credit score doesn’t exactly pull to most people’s inner selves. 

While these things are often necessary, they can take over your life and leave your sense of self neglected. It’s important to check in with yourself and practice ways that encourage your innermost self.

Here are some ways you can encourage self-awareness even while leading a busy life:

  • Meditation- Meditation is an excellent way to check in with yourself and acknowledge your innermost thoughts and emotions. You don’t need to dedicate a large chunk of time or know specific techniques for meditation to be effective. All you need is five minutes and a quiet space to sit with yourself. Close your eyes and allow any thoughts or emotions inside of you to express themselves. You may be surprised by what you feel!
  • Yoga- When you practice yoga, you’re experiencing the full connection of your mind and body. You have to think about each pose as you move into them and control you’re breathing throughout. You’ll become much more aware of your body, breathing, and how they relate to each other while doing yoga. 
  • Journaling- Therapists often encourage journaling because it allows you to express thoughts and emotions that you might not feel comfortable sharing with anyone else. Writing down how you feel or thoughts you’ve had throughout the day allows you to review them and gives you a deeper insight into yourself. 
  • Develop A Spiritual Connection- Many people have a spiritual connection that brings them peace, strength, and hope even during difficult times. However, even those who don’t follow a traditional, organized religion can develop a spiritual connection to enhance their self-awareness. 

In this instance, we’re referring to developing a spiritual connection to yourself. You are the main character in your story, and you should treat yourself with all the love, kindness, and respect you’d want others to be treated with. Maintaining a spiritual connection with yourself with increase your self-awareness and help heal your soul. 

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Have you heard of mindfulness practice? This idea is to be consciously aware of your motivations, feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations throughout the day. Becoming aware of these things and how they influence the decisions you make throughout the day will help you learn to be more positive and make more positive choices.

Practicing mindfulness 24/7 may seem too steep of a challenge, but it becomes very easy once you get used to it. However, many people find it helpful to start small.

Choose one part of your lifestyle to begin practicing mindfulness with. Great starting points include your diet, exercise routine, or self-care practices. Every time you go to make a meal, connect with yourself first. How are you feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically? How are those sensations, thoughts, and emotions influencing your choices at this moment?

Becoming more mindful in your daily routine will lead you down a path of positivity guaranteed to help heal your mind, body, and soul. 

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Stimulate Your Mind & Body

Your mind and body work together constantly throughout the day, even when you don’t realize it. Adding activities into your day to stimulate your mind and body will help you notice and understand how these aspects of yourself are connected. 

A great way to stimulate your mind and body is to spend some time in nature. Research shows that spending time in nature enhances your cognitive functioning, lowers stress levels, and prevents mental fatigue. 

Other methods include painting, drawing, or other forms of art. Journaling, dancing, and playing sports are also great methods for stimulating your mind and body.

Practice Self-Care

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The importance of self-care can’t be overstated. The purpose of self-care is to find ways to improve your mental health and help you feel you’re living life to its fullest. Achieving heightened mental health through activities promoting self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-control are the cornerstones of self-care. 

It’s helpful to start with the basics. Make sure you’re diet includes plenty of vitamins and nutrients, get at least eight hours of quality sleep every night, and fit some exercise into your daily routine.

Beyond that, there’s plenty you can do for self-care. Give yourself a spa day, take a solo trip to the beach, read a good book, do that thing you’ve been putting off, or develop a hobby you love. 

Finding a hobby you love is an excellent way to practice self-care. Give yourself over to cozy evenings reading, writing, knitting, playing a video game, going for walks, painting, or whatever else brings you joy.

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Healing your mind, body, and soul takes plenty of time and work. It’s essential to develop your self-awareness, practice mindfulness and self-care, and find ways to stimulate your mind and body. Of course, it’s also helpful to research new ideas that help promote healing, so keep checking back at Healing Marketplace for more helpful ideas!

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