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How To Wake Your Brain Up For Ultimate Productivity

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It’s hard to jump out of bed and feel ready to be productive. Many people struggle with a morning brain fog that causes them to feel disoriented and shaky for the first hour after waking up. This brain fog, called sleep inertia, is a rough hurdle to get over first thing in the morning.

Most people have a morning routine geared around getting themselves out of this fog and ready to take on the day. You may shower first thing in the morning, enjoy a couple of cups of coffee or caffeinated tea, or do some morning yoga to get your brain fired up in the morning.

While these techniques can work, they aren’t the only options! If you find yourself slogging through sleep inertia every morning and hoping for a better way to get through it, then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s discuss how to wake your brain up for ultimate productivity.

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Get In The Sunlight

Humans are bound by a circadian rhythm, which tells us when to sleep, eat, and even use the bathroom! Our circadian rhythm follows a 24-hour cycle affected by sunlight, which is why you feel tired at night and alert during the day. 

Studies show that exposure to sunlight immediately after waking will reduce the effects of sleep inertia and improve people’s moods. Those who work a night shift and don’t wake up until after the sun’s gone down can experience a similar effect by using low levels of red light.

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Stimulate Your Brain

The reason it’s hard to shake off that morning fogginess and throw yourself into a productive task immediately after waking is due to the chemicals still floating around in your brain. During sleep, your body is flooded with melatonin to promote restful sleep and keep you asleep.

When you wake up to an alarm, instead of waking up naturally, your brain is often still saturated with melatonin. The best way to beat the morning fog and get ready to be productive is to stimulate your mind and dispel the remaining melatonin. 

You can achieve this in a variety of ways. You could spend a few minutes in bed playing word games, crosswords, matching games, or anything that makes you think. Your mental clarity will sharpen as you play, and by the time you get up, you’ll be ready to meet the day.

Get Proper Nutrition & Hydration

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Did you know experts estimate that 75% of the American population is chronically dehydrated? It’s also estimated that as much as 92% of the population is deficient in essential vitamins or minerals. 

The effects of chronic dehydration or lack of proper nutrition are varied, but both can make it harder for you to get your brain working and focus on being productive. 

You’ve probably heard the advice to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. This is the minimum amount of water your body needs gabril to function, so it’s essential to ensure you get enough hydration throughout the day! When you’re going for that third cup of coffee in the morning, try switching it for a nice glass of water instead.

Getting proper nutrition can be a struggle, so if you’re not prepared to overhaul your diet or start meal-prepping, then you should consider taking nutritional supplements. Plenty of over-the-counter options will help you get your daily recommended dose of all the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Once you get your nutrition and hydration going in the right direction, you’ll feel far less disorientated in the mornings and better prepared to be productive each day.

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Add Music To Your Mornings

Most people’s morning routines involve a few mumbled words exchanged with their partners, turning on the television, staring at a phone screen, or debating with their kids about whether they really need an extra five minutes.

None of these things are conducive to waking up your brain and enhancing your productivity that day! Try adding some classical or fast-paced music to your mornings. You can play a few songs while in the shower, preparing and eating breakfast, or waiting for your morning cup of coffee to brew.

Research shows that classical music elevates mood and lowers stress levels. Listening to even five minutes of music in the morning can help spark your mental clarity and give your mood the boost it needs to help you be productive. 

Use Cold Water To Wake Up

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Plenty of people swear by a morning routine that involves splashing their face with cold water upon waking. There’s science behind why this works. Cold water stimulates your circulation and eases muscle tension. The sudden influx of blood flow can also improve your oxygen intake, which helps enhance your mental clarity quickly.

Try this trick in the mornings when you need a little extra help waking up. You might be surprised by just how effective it is!

Brain Dumping Works

Have you heard of the practice known as brain dumping? This practice involves keeping a journal or notepad next to your bed and writing anything that comes to mind when you wake up in the mornings. 

When you wake up and immediately write down dreams, thoughts, feelings, or even a to-do list for the day, it stimulates your brain. The trick here is to actually use paper and a pen. Typing on your phone will give you a different effect than using the old-fashioned method.

This method sparks your brain into action each morning and provides you with a feeling of productivity before you even leave your bed! It’s an excellent way to power through the morning brain fog and give your day a solid start to productivity.

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