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The Best Three-Person Yoga Poses for Beginners

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Yoga is an excellent way to ease the mind and stretch under-used muscles. But it doesn’t have to be so severe all the time. The goal of most yoga enthusiasts is to reduce stress and feel better. This goal is where Acro Yoga becomes a valuable tool for your workout toolbox. 

When you combine Yoga and Acrobatics, you get a combination of fun and deep stretching that you can enjoy with friends.

But where do you start? We’ll discuss the best ways to get started with Acro Yoga and how to make the most of your exercise. 

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Why Practice Acro Yoga?

There are many benefits to increasing your yoga skills with Acro Yoga. The new twist on the traditional poses increases strength and bonding. Introducing new challenges, many people are catching onto this integration between the calmness of Yoga and the difficulty of Acrobats. 

Acro Yoga takes a team, showcases extraordinary skills, and promotes balance. Acro Yoga is the place to start if you’re ready to push your limits, forge relationships, and learn to trust your friends. Even beginner Yogis can begin with a few simple poses.

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Traditional Yoga promotes mindfulness and the peace of solitude. Acro Yoga, on the other hand, encourages people to communicate with one another. Proper communication is key to a three-person Yoga pose, as each person needs to know what the other is doing.

Trust & Bonding

When companions get together to perform complicated tasks, they often build a stronger bond and learn to trust each other. Trio Acro Yoga inspires people to ask for help, respond quickly, and set their fears aside. 

Build Strength

Standard Yoga encourages one to rely on their own balance and posture. Trio Acro Yoga introduces more weight and, therefore, builds strength.

Using other people for resistance is a great way to increase muscle mass and strengthen the body. Working with others to complete complex tasks like three-person poses is also a great way to build mental strength.

Increase Flexibility

Another added benefit of Trio Acro Yoga is that individuals performing the poses must stretch the limits of their flexibility.

Best Three-Person Yoga Poses For Beginners

three people warming up for yoga

You don’t need to be a world-renowned acrobat or Yoga enthusiast to get started with three-person poses. While you need to trust your partners, communicate appropriately, and have adequate strength to support your friends, some poses are great for beginners.

Downward Dog Tower

If you’ve ever done Yoga, you’re probably familiar with the Downward Dog pose. Head down, legs straight, core engaged. The pose is a pretty typical beginner pose for individuals. The Downward Dog Tower is another great starting point for Trio Acro Yoga. 

The Downward Dog Tower is a pose where all three Yogis perform the same pose together.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Two people perform the Downward Dog on the ground while facing away from each other.
  2. The third person performs the Downward dog pose on the backs of the two on the floor.

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Triple Warrior Pose

The Warrior Pose is another familiar Yoga pose that pushes a person’s strength and balance. It is possible to complete the Warrior pose with three people too. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a circle with your two friends.
  2. Place your arms above your head while inhaling and palms facing inward.
  3. Shift your weight to your right leg while exhaling, and bring your arms down.
  4. Stretch your left leg behind you.
  5. Enter the Warrior pose while placing your hands on each other for support.
  6. Your hips should face the ground while you extend to a flat T shape.

Box Trio Pose

The Box Trio pose is slightly more complicated but straightforward for even novices. The idea behind this three-person pose is that everyone works together to create a rectangle. Here’s how to do a Box Trio Pose:

  1. Two people lay flat on the ground with their heads touching.
  2. The two then bend their knees, facing their feet skyward.
  3. The third person can then put their shoulders on the first person’s feet and lift their lower body onto the second person’s feet.
  4. The two people on the bottom can stretch their legs upward, forming a 90-degree angle.
  5. The person on top should be in a Savasana pose, staying steady while the other two support their weight.

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Safety Tips For Three-Person Yoga

three woman practicing a yoga pose

Acro Yoga is a wonderful experience, but there are some precautions that individuals should take to remain safe and avoid accidents

Beginners will fall eventually, so give yourself and your partners plenty of room to fall safely. Attempt poses on soft ground like grass or carpet. Avoid distractions like loud noises, pets, and small children to increase focus on the task. 

Choose People You Trust

Everyone involved in three-person poses should be ready to support the others. Whether targeting physical strength or mental acuity, your partners should be trustworthy and willing to communicate.

Warm Up First

Before beginning any strenuous activities, it’s essential to stretch and warm up beforehand. Each person in the trio should be limber and ready to support the others. Even the person on top will need to engage their core muscles to keep the group from falling.

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Try Acro Yoga With These 3 Beginner Poses

Acro Yoga is a great way to strengthen the mind and body. But it also strengthens bonds and trust. Yoga participants don’t have to be athletes with years of training to perform three-person poses, but a good bit of strength is warranted. However, anyone can tackle Trio Acro Yoga with the right starter poses. 

Trust and safety are other vital aspects of Acro Yoga. People who cannot communicate well and don’t trust their peers can lead to injuries or exhaustion from failed attempts.

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